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Wood Flooring Restoration

When floors lose their shine – understanding the ‘why’ or the root cause is an important factor in minimizing the cost to restore them to their original condition. Causes can vary from inappropriate cleaners and build-up on the surface, to scuffs in the protective coating, to actual damage to the underlying wood.

Dull Floor with no scratches


Did you know that the leading wood cleaners incorporate wax as a means to help “pop the shine”? Unfortunately, that wax can build up, trapping dirt and yellowing over time. The good news is that we can remove that build-up and allow the original floor’s beauty to be seen again.

If you are finding you are having to work harder to clean and maintain your floor finish’s shine – let MARBLELIFE professionally clean your floors.

Then we will introduce you to MARBLELIFE WOOD CLEANER, formulated to clean without use of waxes or oils.

Dull Floor with scratches


Over time everything wears. As soon as we begin walking on our new floors, they are starting to wear.

For lightly worn floors where the bulk of the wear is within the protective finish, MARBLELIFE can provide a screen and re-coat service that in most cases can be completed in one day.

The result is a fresh, restored, easy to clean, new floor appearance you can be proud of once again.

This is an ideal treatment prior to selling your home, but why not address it now so you can enjoy it yourself?

As with all things, if you maintain your floors, and have them refinished when you begin to see a dull or worn area, you can avoid the cost, disruption, and dust that can be associated with floor full-on sanding.

Floor sanding is only required when scratches have penetrated through the finish coating or the finish coating maintenance has been delayed so long that the protective coating has been worn through to allow the true wood surface to now be damaged. This is evident when we begin to see a change in color as the stain color can lighten the deeper into the wood one cuts.

If you have dull spots, call us today, and let us restore your floor finish quickly and inexpensively.

Dull floor with Scratches that Penetrate the Stain to Reveal a Lighter Wood Color.


For damaged, heavy wear or deep scratches, we provide full sanding and restoration services.

Generally, this means that the damaged area is lighter than the surrounding wood areas as damage has penetrated through the surface coating and stained portions of wood.

The floor needs to be sanded to remove the scratches, then re-stained, and re-sealed. This is a multi-day process as the stain must dry before the first seal coat can be applied.

If you need your Wood Floors cleaned, freshened up, re-coated or need an assessment, please give MARBLELIFE a call.

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